About us

We help you bring your business into the new economy!

econovix offers business owners and start-up entrepreneurs a complete support package, using state-of-the art online and mobile software:

  • ​social intranet: A FREE global membership network of entrepreneurs and the people who work with them, so that everyone may buy from one another and learn from one another. Click here to sign up NOW!

  • affordable website: One of the biggest challenges every business faces is the need to have a professional website. econovix can build an affordable 5-page website for you within one week, if you make sure we have the photos and your text.  We also show you how you can keep your website updated yourself. We can write your content too, but this time is charged extra at an hourly basis. Don't delay: Click here to order your business website NOW!

  • collaborative work app: A subscription-based business membership to an innovative online workplace app, where teams can communicate and easily collaborate through groups and keep track of information and frequently asked questions in forums. Groups and forums are also useful for offering an excellent client service. The app also helps you to keep all your workplace apps and systems easily accessible in one place. Click here to LEARN MORE.

  • online filing and sharing system: Every business has documents, PDFs, images and videos which need to be kept safe in an organised way. These items also need to be easily shared with others. Keep your life and work organised by using our online document management solution. Click here to FIND OUT how.

  • online shop for any business: It is quite clear that everyone needs to get ready to start selling online. econovix offers you a simple online shop solution with no monthly subscription costs. We help you get started quickly and easily to sell your products, services, bookings or digital products like apps, ebooks, photos, graphics, online courses,  videos or music online. The only requirement is that you need to have a PayPal account. When someone pays you, we keep 15% to cover  Click here the cost of the online shop, marketing and payment processing fees. Click here to GET STARTED now.

  • manage your business online: Your business can only grow if you have excellent management and administration systems in place. econovix has brilliant software for you to make your life a lot easier and save you tons of time! CONTACT US NOW, so that one of our management consultants can set up a Skype meeting or telephone conference with you, to get you started. We do all the set-up work for you. You'll simply love us! Click here to CONTACT US.

  • offer online training: One thing is for certain - we are all living in a time when we will have to learn all the time if we want to stay on top of new knowledge and new technology. Things are changing faster than ever and this can be quite bewildering. But with our online training software you can make sure your employees can upgrade their skills easily and affordably. They can even access training courses using their mobile phones! Creating online and mobile courses for your clients can also help you to promote your business, and this may even become an additional income stream for you. SIGN UP as a member on econovix for FREE now, and access our online entrepreneurship training to see how this works. You'll also see how to create courses yourself.

  • entrepreneurship, marketing and business software training: Whether you've been running a business for a while, or whether you're planning to start a business, we want to make sure you get ahead fast! Our training is FREE and you can do our courses online or even just by using your mobile phone. We teach you how to plan, run, market and sell and we show you how to use the econovix apps and software to save time and make money. REGISTER as a student on the econovix online academy and start our training. It's completely FREE!

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"We create much of the future now. Our choices make it happen."

- Reinhild Niebuhr, econovix Founder