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Our purpose is to help you grow your business. This is why we invite you and everyone who works for or with you, including all your clients and your suppliers, to join the econovix business network at no cost. Everyone who is a member of econovix is open for business. One of the key reasons why we have started the econovix business network is to make it easy for entrepreneurs to cross refer one another. If you know someone who provides an excellent service or whom you can recommend as a supplier, please invite them to become part of our global network for entrepreneurs.


As more and more businesses join the network, econovix will start offering bulk buying services to members. As a starting point we already provide three FREE services to econovix members, namely:

  • FREE basic membership on econovix, making it possible for you to network with other entrepreneurs

  • FREE online entrepreneurship training, both in how to build and grow your business, as well as on how to use our state-of-the-art business software and apps.

  • Set up your shop on the econovix online shop for FREE. When someone buys from you, we deduct a commission.

Let's work together to grow one another's businesses in a spirit of collaboration, generosity and mutualism!