About us

We help you bring your business into the new economy!

econovix offers business owners and start-up entrepreneurs a complete support package, using state-of-the art online and mobile software:

  • ​shop & sell online: It is quite clear that everyone needs to get ready to start selling online. econovix offers you a simple online shop solution with no monthly subscription costs. We help you get started quickly and easily to sell your products, services, bookings or digital products like apps, ebooks, photos, graphics, online courses,  videos or music online. When someone pays you, we keep 15% to cover the cost of the online shop, marketing and payment processing fees. Contact us to GET STARTED now.

  • fulfillment services: econovix is able to offer a one-stop fulfillment solution to you, including warehousing, allocation management, packing & shipping logistics, as well as a customer care service.

  • subscription management: The new economy takes subscriptions to a new level! Where, in the past, subscriptions have mainly been used for publications, partworks, hobby collections or book clubs, the convenience of monthly 'subs-boxes' featuring all kinds of quality products that customers enjoy having delivered to their doorstep. In addition, new digital services, such as software applications, or online media services, such as music, movies or a variety of memberships, also require subscription management services.

  • dropshipping: Another new way of doing business is 'dropshipping'. Through our highly experienced team we are able to offer drop shipping to any e-commerce client, by facilitating the collection of products from suppliers anywhere in the world, and making sure these orders are delivered to the right address anywhere in the world. Our many years of operations in the fulfillment services industry has given us the clout to offer excellent shipping rates, which you as an individual small or medium company will struggle to negotiate. 

  • customer care services: Through years of experience, we have built a customer care team that is available to help you provide a better service to your valuable customers, using state-of-the-art technology.

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"We create much of the future now. Our choices make it happen."

- Reinhild Niebuhr, econovix Founder

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