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We can help you to offer great

Customer Care services


We are passionate about Customer Care - our own and yours!

Here at econovix we LOVE people - and we love making them happy through beautiful customer care services. Our highly experienced team has years of experience of helping customers resolve queries, answer questions and giving them the information they need. We provide Customer Care services on behalf of a number of clients, both in South Africa - where we are based, as well as internationally.

At this stage, we offer Customer Care services in English, as well as in Afrikaans, and in our country's main indigenous African languages. Our call centre uses state-of-the art customer relationship management systems, to make sure we can track and report on all our telephonic interactions with your customers.


We can also offer email responses and social media interaction with your customers on your behalf.

Talk to our experienced managers about your needs and we will design a perfect solution to your Customer Care requirements. 

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