New Customer Care Services Options


Customer satisfaction is our 1st priority! We understand that ensuring that we have really HAPPY customers means that we have to build BEAUTIFUL customer relationships.


If you are a current customer of econovix, may we kindly ask you to first read the letter from our Managing Director, Reinhild Niebuhr, by clicking on this link BEFORE selecting one of our new Customer Care Contact Options below:

Introducing Our New Customer Care Contact Options

While we are setting up our new, integrated Customer Care Services Centre, which will combine telephone, email and social media enquiries in one user-friendly new system, we would like to ask you to stay in touch with us through the following two options:

ex-CRM-email enquiry.png
ex-CRM-social intranet invite.png

Kindly use the above two options to get in touch with our econovix Customer Happiness Coordinators.


  • We have assigned specific former call centre agents to work in small teams to become specialists in one or more of our clients' products.  In this way each econovix Customer Happiness Coordinator will become more knowledgeable about the product/s that they are responsible for. In this way, they will be able to assist you much better in your product or subscription query. 


  • An econovix Customer Happiness Coordinator is also assigned to serve as an 'Account Executive' to specific subscribers, so that, when you call, they will start to remember who you are, and as a result also build a better customer service relationship with you. We know how frustrating it is to have to repeat a customer services issue to a long line of different call centre agents, until you reach the one who can handle your specific issue! This is why we are currently retraining our team to become more knowledgeable and, as a result, each econovix Customer Happiness Coordinator will be able to handle more aspects of your query personally - instead of handing you over to someone else, to whom you again have to explain your issue from the beginning... 

May we ask you to please be patient with our econovix Customer Happiness Coordinators as they go through their training over the next couple of weeks?


We are confident that soon you will benefit from this change in approach and become a truly HAPPY CUSTOMER, as our team continues to learn to improve their services to you!

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