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Sign Up For Our Social Intranet

econovix is pleased to invite you to a brand new way of interacting with both our team members, as well as with fellow subscribers who are also members of the same club to which you have subscribed.


Having an own social intranet is a wonderful new way of building brilliant relationships with all our customers, while also giving you the option of becoming an active part of a community of like-minded people, who can provide support in offering advice and responding to questions to one another.

Membership of our social intranet is optional. It is also a FREE service to everyone with whom we interact through our business.

In fact, the econovix social intranet is open to anyone who is keen to connect to others who are sharing a common interest, whether it is a business interest, or whether there is a common interest in a particular product or service.

How does it work?

For instance, if you love baking, and you have subscribed to a baking club membership, which provides you with new recipes every month, and free useful baking tools, you may choose to connect to other baking club members and start exchanging tips and tricks and your own recipes among yourselves. We believe that the internet is opening a whole new world of networks and we are thrilled to be able to provide you with an opportunity to make new acquaintances and connect to fellow-minded people on our social intranet. 

In fact, we also encourage networking beyond the internet, and as our company grows, we are looking forward to coordinating club events, for instance local or regional 'club chapter' meetings, where you may meet with other members of the various subscription clubs in person and just enjoy learning new things together or sharing your experience in building models or making something creative.

Once you're a member of the social intranet, you will have access to an increasing number of business pages, as well as product-related pages, and you can visit all of these pages to find useful or interesting new business contacts, or reach out to other individuals who have bought a particular product, or are part of a particular subscription club.

Any business may sign up for a business membership of the econovix social intranet, and use our platform as a way to build better relationships with their customers, and encourage interaction between their customers. We will provide more information on how to create a business or product page on econovix on this website over time.

The econovix social intranet has two key requirements:


  • Firstly, if you want to join, you must send us a clear, good quality profile photograph, so that we may add this for you to your profile, or you can add your photo yourself.

  • Secondly, we need to associate your profile with an organisation that you are linked to: either your own business, current workplace, academic institution or - if you are not a student or gainfully employed, any other organisation, such as your church congregation, or a club of which you are a member. This is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and build connections with other members of the econovix social intranet, while also ensuring that we don't have 'fake' users registering on econovix. This is critical in order to protect you and the integrity of econovix as a business as well. Your Customer Happiness Coordinator will help you to add an organisational header to your profile, once you have registered.

How To Sign Up:


  • Below is an alphabetical directory of all the businesses and related products for which we have set up a page on the econovix social intranet.

  • Simply click on the name of the product to which you have subscribed to, and complete the registration form to access the social intranet.

  • Please choose a username.

  • Please also use the same email that you used to subscribe to your club membership, so that the system can recognise you as an existing customer of econovix. 

  • You will receive a password by email.

  • You are welcome to change this password once you have logged in to the econovix social intranet. 

  • Once you have successfully logged into the econovix social intranet, please click on the profile button on the top right hand side of the page that opens and edit your profile.

  • Kindly add a clear and professional profile picture to your profile. If you need help with this, please click on the Network Chat window, and write "Hi - I need help with my profile picture, please". Your dedicated Customer Happiness Coordinator will then contact you by email and ask you to send your profile picture to them. They will add it to your profile.


Please click on the name of your subscription product below, to gain direct access to the product page on the econovix social intranet, then start exploring how to become an active member of our community:

Alphabetical List of Social Intranet Pages:
(Under construction!)


(No listing as yet)



Star Achievers BOOK CLUB

- Children 0-4

- Children 4-8


BBC/Immediate Media

BBC Classical Music

BBC History

BBC Wildlife

Big & Little Crochet

Build the Delorean

Build the Jaguar E-Type



Cake Decorating SA

Classic Routemaster


DC Graphic Novels

De Agostini

Dinky Toys Collection

Draw the Marvel Way SA


Knit and Stitch Creative

Knowledge Is Your Key Academy


Themba Trust


(No listing as yet)


Uitblinkers BOEKKLUB

- Kleuters 0-4

- Kinders 4-8

Ultimate Graphic Novels SA


Mandala Publishers

Marvel Mightiest Heroes SA

Military Watch Collection

Mills & Boon BOEKKLUB (Afrikaans)


(No listing as yet)


(No listing as yet)


Warhammer 40 000 Legends


Eastern Approaches Collections



Educational Books


Formula 1 Car Collection

Ford Mustang GT500


Formula 1 Car Collection

Ford Mustang GT500


Formula 1 Car Collection

Ford Mustang GT500


Graphic Novels (Relaunch)



Policy For Africa


(No listing as yet)


(No listing as yet)


(No listing as yet)

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