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Customer satisfaction is our 1st priority! We understand that ensuring that we have really HAPPY customers means that we have to build BEAUTIFUL customer relationships. If you are a current customer of econovix, may we kindly ask you to read the letter below: 









Reinhild Niebuhr

Director & Owner

econovix (Pty) Ltd

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Dear Customer,




As the passionate new owner of econovix I would like to let you know that we are receiving your emails, facebook and other social media messages.  I really am sorry that you may have been struggling during the past period to get through to our Call Centre by telephone. I also want to express my deep regret that you may have been kept waiting endlessly for a response to your email!

I would like to sincerely apologise for any and all inconvenience caused! 

One day I'll write a book about the reasons for the interrupted services you have had to endure. But for now, my team and I are working non-stop on restoring all Customer Care Services for all subscribers in the United Kingdom and South Africa, as well as all fulfillment services in South Africa.


We have received many messages, most of which ask one of the following questions:

Subscribers in the United Kingdom:

1. I have paid for my last shipment. Where are my new issues?

The warehouse which our company used to work with in the United Kingdom closed down, All UK Partworks Publishers who used to make use of JACKLIN LIMITED UK's fulfillment services, had to move their stock to new warehouses. We only remain responsible for the stock allocation on behalf of De Agostini products in the UK. A new service provider is now responsible for packing and shipping your subscription items. We have been working closely with them during January and February 2020 to make sure our systems are synchronised, so that you will again receive your shipments regularly from now on. If you are a UK subscriber to a De Agostini product, and you do not receive your expected issues during March 2020, kindly send an email detailing your query to If you subscribe to any other product, kindly contact the relevant publisher.

2. I need to pay my account, but I can't get through on the Call Centre number. What do I do?

Because of disruption in our services owing to circumstances that were beyond our control, we experienced extremely high call volumes in December and January 2020, causing very long caller queues and 1000s of unhappy callers. As a result, we decided to introduce new Call Centre technology in our call centre. The new Call Centre technology is currently being integrated with the Customer Care Services system, so our agents will soon be able to deal with your queries much quicker, saving time. This will allow us to respond to more phone calls in a shorter period of time, reducing waiting times. We apologise for the frustration of getting through to us! At this point, our telephone lines are being transferred to the new system, and so temporarily we cannot handle any calls. We will notify you here, as soon as the Call Centre is able to receive calls again. 

NOTE: We are working on an online payment system, to enable you to pay online at any time. We will notify all subscribers in the UK of this new functionality, as soon as it is ready.

3. I am a Mind Body Spirit subscriber. I am still waiting for my birthstone. What is going on?

The Mind Body Spirit collection was very successful! Sadly, there were major delays in production of the birthstones accompanying the series. All birthstones have been produced and arrived at the respective warehouses for distribution during February and March 2020. You will receive your birthstone, as promised! We sincerely apologise for the long wait. If you have not received your birthstone by the end of March 2020, kindly send an email to

Subscribers in South Africa

1. I have paid for my last shipment, which I received in October or November 2020. Why am I receiving a reminder to pay for a new shipment, that I have not received as yet?

Since the end of November 2020 we were unable to send out any shipments owing to a challenge caused by a third-party. We were not aware of this challenge, until after we had made our normal monthly allocations for December 2019. We were under the impression that these items had all been shipped, but only realised when the third-party warehouse reopened in mid-January 2020 that some of the parcels had never been collected by the South African Post Office. Also, some parcels had been collected by the courier company, but then owing to a confusion beyond our control, were returned to the warehouse. The warehouse we have been using since mid-2018 is not based at our offices, so there was a gap in communication in terms of which parcels had actually been delivered, and which not. This is why you may have received an invoice showing an amount owing for an issue, which you have not as yet received. We sincerely apologise for this fiasco! If you have already sent us an email to to query the amount and to ask us to send the issues outstanding to you, please know that our Customer Care Agents are systematically working through 1000s of emails to change the entries in the subscription management system, and that your email WILL be responded to. This has been taking a lot of time, but the end is in sight. We are confident that during March 2020 all issues due to you will be delivered successfully again.

2. Why was there no debit order or credit card payment deducted from my bank account or credit card account over the past few months?

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB), working together with the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA), instituted strict new regulations at the beginning of 2019 with the aim to overcome credit card and debit order fraud. Because there is a new owner of econovix, (formerly Jacklin Enterprises (Pty) Ltd), the business had to reapply for the authority to process debit orders and credit cards. This was made clear to us in October 2019. New business bank accounts had to be opened and the new bank was requested to set up new debit order collection and credit card payment processing systems. The internal bank processes took until 19 December 2019. At that point we were informed that the applications had to be submitted to SARB for processing credit cards, and to PASA for processing debit orders, and that the waiting period to receive a response from these two institutions is 3-6 months! Not being able to collect the bulk of all subscription payments for another 3-6 months was a HUGE concern, since this meant that we would not be able to allocate any new issues to you. So, instead, we did some research and found a new, secure online payment system to replace the credit card and debit order collection systems. Since the end of January 2020 we have been communicating with our subscribers who have been used to paying via debit order or credit card automatically, to sign up on this new online payment system. This process is ongoing. If you have not as yet registered online to be able to make direct online payments, and also to save your payment card details on the secure online system, kindly click on this link, and register today:

You will need to register online in order to be able to remain a subscriber to any of the collections managed by ourselves on behalf of the various publishers, both in the United Kingdom and in South Africa. However, in registering, you will also in future be able to track your own subscriptions and payments online, instead of having to contact us each time you want to find out any information related to your account.

3. Why do I sometimes have to wait for issues or get issues that are not in the expected sequence?

For all subscription products that come to South Africa from Europe or the United Kingdom, there are sometimes time delays caused by customs or other challenges, beyond our control. Our system will always check to see which stock is available, and allocate the next available issues to you. As soon as we pick up that we did not receive sufficient stock from the publishers in the UK for all subscribers, or not sufficient stock of a particular issue, we take up the matter with the publisher. The publisher then generally has to source the stock from issues returned from the retail network in the United Kingdom, and this can take quite a bit of time! We are working with our publisher clients in the UK and in Europe towards finding a better way of handling stock levels in South Africa, and trust that with our new technology systems, this will be easier in future. Thank you for all your understanding and patience!

You are a most valued subscriber and my team and I are sincerely committed to making sure that you are a 100% HAPPY CUSTOMER!

For any account-related query, please email us at

For any product-related query, please email us at


For telephone queries, kindly refer to the relevant product or publisher website by selecting OUR CLIENTS in the menu above.

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