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Let us help you to run your online Business efficiently and cost-effectively


Welcome to econovix - welcome to the new economy!

We are living in very exciting times: the new, digital economy is revolutionising the way in which business works! Even a solopreneur who works on his or her own, can now sell goods or services to a global market. But running a business in this new economy brings its own challenges:

  • Online customers expect you - or someone representing your business - to be available to provide customer care services at their fingertips or by telephone. This is why we offer Customer Care services with an experienced call centre team. Our agents can also handle email queries, as well as social media interactions on your behalf.

  • The new economy opens new ways of being a 'middle person' - now you can identify great products and recommend them to others to buy, without needing to keep any stock. But for this to work, you need help and so we decided to offer Dropshipping services to you.

  • To sell products online you need to be able to collect payments online. And you still need to keep track of your business bank accounts, expenses and management accounts. We have years of experience in providing Financial Management Services for our international subscription clients, so now we're offering the same services to you, if you become one of our e-commerce clients.

  • One common characteristic of all online businesses which sell a physical product, is, that this means the item has to be picked from a shelf, packed safely using appropriate packaging materials and a courier waybill has to be prepared, while the delivery also has to be arranged. Whether you are a solopreneur or a global corporation, we offer one-stop Fulfillment Services to your business. In fact, we have years of specialist experience in this field!

  • The new economy also has created the opportunity for offering the convenience of Subscription Services to busy consumers in the digital age, who wish to save time by having any product which they buy regularly every month to be delivered to their door, or at least to a convenient pick-up point. Our company - under its original name, Jacklin Enterprises (Pty) Ltd - has been South Africa's leading subscription fulfillment company for over two decades. In the past our focus was on handling subscriptions to book clubs, publications and hobby collections. Now we're ready to handle subscriptions for practically any other product under the sun - from monthly deliveries of bottled water and swimming pool chemicals, to surprise 'subs boxes' with make-up for young women, and packs of stylish, and really effective shaving kits, with monthly sets of shaving blades for men who take their grooming seriously...

Whatever your product or your idea: by outsourcing to econovix, you can improve your business processes, reduce costs and staff management issues, and rest assured, that your customers' satisfaction is our MAIN priority!

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