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We simplify your business by offering Dropshipping 

We help you to make your mobile lifestyle come true by offering dropshipping services to you!

One of the miracles of the new economy is the fact that anyone can start an online sales business, with nothing but a laptop or mobile device and an internet connection. There is truly no reason any longer for anyone to be unemployed!

The secret to success is dropshipping. This is how it works:

  • You identify a product or a series of products that another company is making, anywhere in the world.

  • You enter into a reseller agreement with that company to market and sell their products or services through your own online shop.

  • This company now becomes your 'supplier'. 

  • You can either build your own online shop from scratch OR - much easier and quicker - you can simply register as a vendor on econovix shop & sell and set up your online shop with the help of our experienced vendor support team.

  • You will add the products or services from your supplier or suppliers on your online shop.

  • If you then make use of our dropshipping service, we will get hold of your supplier, each time someone orders a product from your online shop, and arrange for the collection of the item from the supplier and for the direct delivery to your customer who paid for the item online on your shop.

  • This is what "dropshipping" means: you simply arrange for the orders placed by your customers to be shipped directly from supplier to your customer. And our experienced team at econovix is ready to make this happen for you!

  • So all you have to focus on, is to find fantastic products or services, enter into an agreement to sell them on behalf of the company who makes the goods or provides the services, and then help people to be able to know about them, by sharing the news through your online marketing activities.

  • If you partner with us, we'll do the rest!


Our experienced  team is ready to give you all the advice you need to ensure

the best possible service to your dropshipping customers!

High value items are ideal for dropshipping arrangements. In dropshipping, there is no warehousing required: goods are simply collected from the supplier and delivered to the customer. Our team will only work with the best experts to handle precious and specialty items, including animals, plants, musical instruments, glassware, etc.

But dropshipping can also be arranged for 'basic' goods, such as cement, bricks, agricultural produce, mining products and other commodities.

Whatever you are interested in, or whatever you know, other people are keen to have or need... by starting a dropshipping business, you're helping them save time and find what they want!

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