Use our marketplace to Sell anything


Anything legal, that is! After looking at all the different online sales platforms that exist, we realised that there was a definite need for a marketplace where any entrepreneur, individual developer or artist can market and sell digital products: cloudware, apps, online courses, music, images, videos, ebooks and webinars. We also realised that there are many people working from home as freelancers or independent consultants who would require a way of selling their skills or time online. And then there are many service businesses or personal service operations, such as guesthouses, restaurants, therapists and other type of businesses who would love to sell electronic gift vouchers, so that people either spoil themselves, or pay upfront for a service or special treat on behalf of a friend or a loved one.


It's SO EASY to sell your physical or digital product or service online through us. There are no upfront charges. We simply take a percentage of your listed price, based on the level of service you require.

Have a quick look at some of the products and services you are able to sell on econovix shop & sell online:

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